FDA compliant and

chemical resistant

DURACON® POM (also known as polyoxymethylene, polyacetal, polyformaldehyde) is the trade name for the wide range of acetal copolymer manufactured by Polyplastics. It is a partially crystalline thermoplastic, consisting mainly of structural units (-CH2O-). Duracon is an engineering thermoplastic and is used in almost all industries. DURACON® POM is a POM copolymer.


  • Sliding ability

  • Resistance to fuels, hot water, alkalis and oils at elevated temperatures

  • low emissions

  • Ability to use in contact with food / water

  • Chemical resistance

  • creep strength

  • dimensional stability

  • High fatigue strength


  • Standard materials (differ mainly in melt flow rate)

  • Materials with improved slip properties

  • Reinforced materials

  • Low emission materials

  • Special materials

  • Materials with Ability to use in contact with food products

  • Weatherproof materials


DURACON® POM is a POM copolymer made via the following four steps: 1) Methanol is oxidized to form formaldehyde; 2) Formaldehyde is trimerized to form the polymerization monomer trioxane; 3) The main monomer trioxane is polymerized together with a small quantity of comonomer to make crude POM copolymer; 4) Stabilizer, etc., is added to the crude polymer followed by pelletization to form the final product DURACON.

In addition, various specialty grades are manufactured as compounds whereby the crude copolymer is formulated with glass fiber, reinforcing agents or special additive agents in order to produce various functions.


Duracon POM

POM is an acronym for the chemical name polyoxymethylene. It is generally referred to as polyacetal or acetal resin. It is a crystalline thermoplastic resin comprised chiefly of (-CH2O-) structural units.

The two types of POM are homopolymer POM, which is comprised of a polyoxymethylene molecular chain made from formaldehyde bonds, and copolymer POM, in which trioxane, the trimer of formaldehyde, and other comonomers such as ethylene oxide are bonded.

DURACON® POM is a leading type of copolymer. It is mainly used in applications centered on mechanical components such as gears, screws, and bearings, and in important parts requiring chemical and heat resistance. Examples of its use can be found far and wide, from AV equipment such as DVD recorders and Blu-ray disk recorders, office equipment such as printers and copiers, household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and electric shavers, automotive parts such as door locks, fuel caps, fuel pump modules, seat belt mechanical components and interior parts, to household equipment such as window sashes and blinds, and toys such as the latest gaming devices.


  • Printers

  • Door locks

  • Toothbrushes

  • Extruded products

  • Fuel system parts

  • Door rollers

  • Clips

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