Filament is a durable thermoplastic with high heat resistance, solubility and fire resistance. The material has a high dielectric strength.

Our Plastmass Group filaments are used in 3D printing and have a diameter thread of 1,75 mm with a tolerance of ± 0.03 mm.

For 3D printing, ZX-324 (based on PEEK), ZX-530 (based on PPS), ZX-410 (based on PEI), INKULEN PE-500, etc. are mainly used. These materials withstand high temperatures while maintaining mechanical strength.

ZX-410 Filaments

The ZX-410 material is resistant to several environmental hazards, has a constant operating temperature of 180 ° C and can even withstand temperatures up to 200 ° C for a short period of time. When burning, the ZX-410 material emits a small amount of heat, its vapors are the least toxic and aggressive and has good chemical resistance. The material is not destroyed during the Izod impact test with a notch; it has a tensile strength of 101 MPa.

ZX-324 Filaments

ZX-324 (based on PEEK) provides excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures. Durable, lightweight and resistant to high temperatures, the ZX-324 material is the ideal material for use in various industries, from aerospace to medicine.

ZX-530 Filaments

ZX-530 (based on PPS) is used when it comes to particularly difficult operating conditions. This special material not only differs in special durability and elasticity, but also retains all these properties at elevated temperatures.

Plastmass Group has combined technology that can print complex geometric objects with very short setup times and zero material loss when processing high-performance polymers that can be used in the most complex industries. After the successful implementation of the PEEK filament, the company expanded its product range due to many requests from manufacturers.