The conference, held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, was attended by the development director of TD Plastmass Group LLC, PhD Dmitry Vladimirovich Loshadkin, who spoke about the successes of the company, new developments, and the experience of using ZEDEX and INKULEN PE composite materials in various industries. Dmitry Vladimirovich also voiced the current problems of the composites market.

According to international statistics, the global composites market amounted to $ 82 billion in monetary terms, while the main consumers of composites are transport engineering 28%, construction industry 24%, energy and electronics 23%, oil and gas industry 10% in 2016.

At the same time, the volume of the Russian composites market increased by 4.5 times in 2016 compared to 2011. However, the share of the Russian Federation in world production is still small with no more than 1%. The main factor in this is the insufficient demand for Russian-made products in the field of transport engineering, construction industry, energy and electronics, oil and gas, utilities and metallurgy.

Key issues addressed at the conference:

  • Current state and directions of development of the composites market in Russia

  • Tools for the development of the composite industry

  • Initial components and semi-finished products

  • Technologies and designs

  • Modern scientific developments and experience in their implementation in industry

  • Ready-made solutions from polymer composites and the experience of their implementation and application

  • Plans, tasks and prospects for the development of the composite industry of the Russian Federation

  • Competencies and qualifications of industry experts

The conference was attended by representatives of federal and regional executive authorities of the Russian Federation, representatives of Russian and foreign companies in the composites industry, representatives of companies - potential consumers of products from polymer composite materials in priority sectors of the economy.

The event has traditionally become a working platform that contributes to the integration of Russian participants in the composites industry into the global technological agenda, strengthening business ties between developers of new materials, manufacturers of finished products and potential consumers of goods and products based on composites.