We took part in the international exhibition of food equipment and technologies Process Expo-2019 from October 8 to 11 in Chicago, USA,

Our exposition occupied an area of ​​30 sq.m. and visitors were able to see the following at our booth:

the best technological solutions in the food industry using wear-resistant materials; advanced systems for replacing obsolete materials; options for modernizing and repairing equipment with components from antifriction materials ZEDEX, INKULEN PE (VMPE / UHMWPE) and elastomer INKUMER EL and new innovative materials (INKUMER EL, ZX-230 ( based on PSU)).

Development Director, ccn Dmitriy Vladimirovich Loshodkin notes: “American companies are interested in acquiring Russian composites. Participation in the Process Expo exhibition will allow us to expand our ability to export Russian products to the American market. ”

Adverse external factors do not prevent potential partners with optimism from looking to the future and planning new joint projects with Russia. Visitors of our booth noted the high quality of our products, as well as our favorable price for the American market. We already signed different agreements with 17 companies, among them are also potential dealers of composites Plastmass Group.

The final results of the exhibition will be announced within a week, but it is already clear that we achieved our goals for this exhibition. We had many interesting and successful business meetings, constructive negotiations, and mutually beneficial contracts took place.