Plastmass Group will take part in the HEALTH CARE WEEK-2019 exhibition in Hall No. 8, stand 81B70, together with the Moscow Export Center.

At present, the company TD Plastic Group LLC presents a range of possible options for the production of composite materials, namely: ZEDEX material (based on PET, PPS, PEI, PEEK, PI, PTFE, PA, MDI, TDI), INKULEN PE, INKUMER EL .

ZEDEX, INKULEN PE and INKUMER EL materials are used as:

  • Cervical disc prosthesis based on PEEK with titanium inserts.

  • Spherical bushings, work in chemical area.

  • Fixator for the prosthesis with shape memory based on PEEK.

  • Sliding and body parts in x-ray diagnostic complexes.

  • Sliding details in the metering, conveying and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical production.

  • The protective bodies of sensors, parts of insulators, cable glands in a variety of medical equipment and devices.

  • Catchers of suture material of different diameter based on PEEK.

  • Orthopedic foot splint based on PEEK.

  • Bushings in knee joints.

  • Device in the mechanisms of operating robots

  • Corrective device used by the tensile/rupture of ligaments of UHMWPE.

All-metal implants often cause inflammation and skin irritation. Inflammation and skin irritation limits the age groups of the population for which metal implants can be used. The presence of metal parts in already implanted implants makes it difficult to conduct magnetic resonance imaging, or significantly affects its accuracy. The need to make implants according to individual designs leads to a significant increase in the cost of prosthetics by using metal. Thanks to innovative solutions in the polymer industry, it is possible to solve problems that were previously considered unsolvable. Leading researchers at Plastmass Group, in close collaboration with various medical institutions, are developing and exploring new modifications of medical grade polymer composites with improved properties, which will significantly improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in the future.

We are waiting for you at our stand in hall No. 8, stand 81B70.