Unique parts for your needs.

Our specialists combine the accumulated knowledge in the fields of polymers, tribology and engineering and find innovative solutions for the effective use of engineering plastics in various industries and areas of industrial production.

For the successful implementation of your tasks, our specialists carry out the necessary calculations, carry out the optimum selection of materials for operation under certain conditions and at certain workplaces. The main purpose of such calculations is to simulate the behavior of polymers under the influence of external forces, allowing you to correctly determine the dimensions and tolerances of the parts produced.

To achieve maximum efficiency and production efficiency, the optimum shape of the part is determined and qualified recommendations for the entire technology are made according to the requirements of the production process.

At the same time, if required, statistical, dynamic, tribological and thermal loads of components are calculated according to the analytical method and the finite element method.

In addition, as a recommendation, you can make changes to ready-made calculations and drawings to reduce your costs and get the maximum benefit.

In the company Plastmass Group you always receive expert advice on questions concerning the selection and use of high-tech sliding polymers ZEDEX; and other building materials, starting with an in-depth analysis and completion of the solution of the tasks.