ZEDEX antifriction materials in friction sliding nodes

Plastmass Group produces more than 30 types of ZEDEX materials which are divided into series: ZX-100, ZX-324, ZX-410, ZX-530, ZX-550 and ZX-750 and their modifications. Each series has its own sphere of application and conditions of use.

The main purpose of the ZEDEX antifriction materials – the solution against wear problems of moving parts in machines and mechanisms.


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Plastmass Group produces anti-friction wear-resistant materials ZEDEX series, which are high-quality alloys on the basis of thermoplastic. For many years our engineering plastics have been  successfully used for solving various problems in the field of sliding friction in many industries, replacing the traditional materials such as bronze, polyamide (caprolon), fluorocarbon polymers, textolite, sintered powders, ZAMAK, cast iron, metal-fluoroplastic tape eliminating inherent to these materials shortcomings and problems.

The main positive characteristics of the family of  ZEDEX brands:

  • minor coefficient of dry friction and thermal expansion;

  • high wear resistance, vibration strength and damping in a wide temperature range;

  • ability to absorb large abrasive particles and push out small in a friction pair of metal and ZEDEX sleeve;

  • the ability to withstand high pressures and spread the local pressure caused by the contact of the edge voltage over a greater area;

  • the absence of corrosion, high resistance to chemicals and UV radiation;

  • high accuracy of installation with an interference fit on the metal shaft without gaps;

  • physiological safety;

  • minimum water absorption;

  • the factor of dielectric losses of the same order with traditional dielectrics;

  • the antistatic agent

Increased wear resistance with continued friction and work without lubrication allow to produce wear-resistant sliding parts: sleeves, bushings, pulleys, sprockets, gears, cams, spindle nuts, worm wheels, rotation crown wheels, guides and more from ZEDEX blanks.


The application of ZEDEX materials will allow you:

  • to increase the reliability of sliding nodes, increase their resource;

  • to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of the stock of equipment due to the cost reduction of components and services;

  • to reduce accidents and do not waste time for machine repairs due to the high quality

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