We advance industries.

Engineering ZEDEX plastics are successfully used in almost all industries. It is no surprise, since the polymers of new generation supersede less efficient, expensive and outdated materials, especially metals. Modern composite materials are much more productive, as they have several advantages: they do not require lubrication, are more wear-resistant, noncorrosive, easier processed and much lighter in weight.

Thanks to the materials of ZEDEX brand the functionality of many processes increases. Especially they are indispensable in:

  • Lifting and conveyor systems.

  • Various loaders, lorry cranes, multi-lift units and other lifting mechanisms.

  • Metalworking equipment (lathe, milling, grinding etc. machines).

  • Forging and pressing equipment.

  • Guillotines, pumps.

  • Slide parts manufacture for the storage, transport, packaging, filling and many other systems and lines.

Antifriction, noiseless and working without lubrication and constant monitoring, the polymers serve for many years, reducing the time and expenses of a manufacturing enterprise for maintenance and equipment repair.

Slide bearings made of wear-resistant ZEDEX polymers have been used in the production and repair of units and friction mechanisms in the various sectors of industry for many years.

For proper selection of materials in each case it is necessary to consider all parameters and service conditions of the equipment. Our experts are always ready to give advice and provide examples of similar use of these materials on active enterprises as appropriate.


Our high-performance materials are used in a variety of industries. Discover a selection here.


Here is a complete overview of the industries where our materials and products are used.

  • Medium machine building (machine tools, automotive, etc.)

  • Heavy machinery

  • Food industry, agriculture

  • Construction and building materials industry

  • Light industry

  • Shipbuilding and ship repair

  • Oil and petrochemical industry

  • Instrumentation and precision engineering

  • Forestry, woodworking and pulp-and-paper industry

  • Mining

  • Tire, cable industry

  • Water treatment and desalinisation

  • Medical industry

  • Electrical engineering and electronics

  • Chemical industry

  • The electric power industry

  • Aviation and space industry

  • The military-industrial complex

  • Research Institutes, special design bureaus (SDB) and many other areas