Polymer compounds are now increasingly part of our live. They are involved in various spheres and industries and replace more expensive, but less effective, obsolete materials. Thanks to innovative solutions in the polymer industry it is possible to solve problems that were previously considered unsolvable. Polymers are successfully gaining their place in medicine. One of the leading domestic manufacturer of polymer compounds Plastmass Group has volunteered to replace imported analogues with new innovative products.

Since the 60s, the world has been moving from metal components for prosthetics to plastic, ceramic and compounds. The transition is caused by a wide range of reasons, particularly, by the growing economic pressure on the health care system, which cause refusal of metal medical materials. The all-metal cement implant is often a cause of disease, i.e., osteolysis around the implant caused osteoclasts (biological reaction of on the particles polimetilmetacrilate of the cement). Cement disease limits the age categories of the population for which a metal implant can be used. The presence of metal parts in already implanted prosthetic makes difficult processing of the magnetic resonance imaging, or significantly affects its accuracy. In many cases are required the implants of individual designs, that increases the cost of prosthetics with metal significantly.

Leading researchers of Innovation Center LLC TD Plastmass Group, in close cooperation with various medical institutions, are developing and researching new modifications of polymer composites for medical purposes with improved properties, which in the future will significantly improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.


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