Plastmass Group offers high-performance materials for various applications in the food processing industry:


  • ZEDEX® is a new generation anti-friction wear-resistant polymer.

  • INKULEN PE-1000/500 is an ultra-high molecular weight / high molecular weight polyethylene of a very high degree of polymerization with the addition of special additives.

  • INKUMER EL is a MDI-based polyurethane elastomer with the Shore A hardnesses of 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and 90. 

What is your benefit using our polymers and parts?


  • Minimal downtime and increased productivity due to the high life of polymer parts in tools and equipment

  • High degree of hygiene due to simple cleaning and the possibility of using various substances and cleaning methods

  • Excellent reputation for product safety due to durability and reliability of plastics

  • Cost-effective due to low cost of polymer parts and tools

  • The result: a long service life, excellent quality, a high degree of safety and product safety


Our polymers are used in various areas of the food industry. Discover a selection of application areas here.



  • Various sleeves of the ZX-100K are used in dispensers on ice cream machines.  Due to low wear, service life has been increased and costs have been reduced.

  • Scrapers of ZX-530 in a kettle for cooking cheese.

  • ZX-100K holder on the milk production line.

  • ZX-100K bushings for a labeling machine instead of bronze.

  • Rollers from ZX-100K for belt conveyor for cheese production.

  • ZX-100K bushings in filling machines for curd and cheese curds.

  • Clip from the ZX-100K on the production line of cheese.

  • Dispenser from INKULEN PE.

  • INKULEN PE slats on the cheese production line.

  • Guides from INKULEN PE on conveyor lines.

  • In the bottling lines of the transverse cat sleeve milk from INKULEN PE-500.

  • Form for the production of cheese from INKULEN PE-500.



  • Replacement of steel bushings with heat-resistant lubrication for sliding bearings made of ZX-530 on bread baking containers (operating temperature up to 220-300°C).

  • Application of ZX-530 instead of supporting bearing of turning table of rotary oven SVEBO DAHLEN model V42.

  • Holder for shelves of collector Sapal made of ZX-100K.

  • Sleeve bearings made of ZX-100K are used in a rotary device of the dough bowl in the mixer. The excellent friction properties ensure uninterrupted operation of the whole unit without lubrication.

  • Cookie molds made of ZX-100K.

  • ZX-100K bushings in filling machines for curd and cheese curds.

  • The piston of the ZX-100K allows precise dosing of the dough into cookies. The dough is gently squeezed out by the piston on the tray.

  • Guides made of INKULEN PE are used for positioning the conveyor belt on the conveyor.

  • Dough dividing head made of ZX-100K.

  • Sliding guides of ZX-100K in equipment for the food industry. Components made of ZX-100K for dispensing and shaping dough for cookies. Sleeve bearings made of ZX-100K in equipment for the food industry.



  • Star conveyor line and turn-gate.

  • Guides made of INKULEN PE-1000 in conveyors.

  • Holders for bottles of INKULEN PE.

  • Star made of INKULEN PE on the changeover line.

  • Screw made of INKULEN PE.

  • Pusher for bottles of INKULEN PE.

  • Equipment for bottling  lines (turn-gate).

  • Screw of the changeover kit.

  • Holders and stars of INKULEN PE.

  • Guides made of INKULEN PE on the conveyor line for the lemonade production.

  • Due to the high resistance to chemicals, high PV-value, high wear resistance of ZX-530 is used in the beer bottling.

  • Gears made of ZX-530 are used in bottle capping devices with lids in bottling plants and they are involved in both rotary and linear movements.



  • Stars made of ZX-100K for the caviar production line.

  • Table for fish cutting made of INKULEN PE-1000.

  • Plates made of Inkulen PE on conveyors with module belt.

  • Sliding guides made of INKULEN PE on the conveyor line for the salmon production.

  • Roller made of ZX-100K on the fish processing line.



  • Rollers made of ZX-100K in a separator of feathers.

  • Guides made of INKULEN PE-1000 in conveyors.

  • In conveyors, roller conveyors and other moving lines and sliding bearings.

  • Forming components made of ZX-100K in equipment for the production of meat products.

  • Cutting boards made of INKULEN PE-1000 material.

  • Unloading disk and the inserts under the bowl of the cutter made of INKULEN PE-500 material. 

  • Holders in the equipment for the chicken breast deboning.

  • ZX-530 material in the bushings in the machine for separating the meat from the bones and the replacement of ZX-100K as sleeve top.

  • ZX-100K in the plates in meat products forming machine PROVATEC 745. 

  • ZX-530 in the bushings.

  • Bushings made of ZX-100K material on the slaughter line.

  • Plates in sliding guides in equipment for the bird cutting.

  • Rollers made of ZX-100K in the packaging line for sausages in chemically active medium.



  • Lining of fresh product conveyor.

  • Roller made of ZX-100K in the pressing machine for fruit cakes.

  • Roller made of ZX-100K in pallet packaging.

  • Guides made of INKULEN PE on the fruit packing line.

  • Guide rollers for trolleys made of ZX-100K.

  • Plates of INKULEN PE on the line of vegetables processing.

  • Bushings made of ZX-410 in the pump for use in the food industry by water pumping with starch, brines and other liquids.

  • Support rollers of sealing belts in seaming equipment TWIST. Working environment: steam, cold water.

  • Bushings made of ZX-410 or ZX-100K in the fruit and vegetables calibrator.

  • Lining of loading hoppers.

  • Rinses for glass cans made of INKULEN PE.

  • The filler/dispenser in the equipment for tomato paste packing made of ZX-530.