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ZEDEX-100K (ZX-100K) – is a thermoplastic material based on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with antifriction characteristics.

ZEDEX-100K works excellently where bronze is too expensive or not suitable for dry sliding as well as in case of insufficient lubrication. In practice, it means that properly designed parts of polymer ZX-100K have higher bearing capacity and accuracy in dry sliding than the elements made of metal.


  • Solid, tough, durable

  • High fatigue limit

  • Weather resistant

  • Chemical resistance to nearly all oils, coolant, fuel, weak acids, etc

  • Suitable for welding and gluing, easy to process

  • Does not contain Teflon (PTFE) and silicone;

  • Approved for use in drinking water systems


  • Working temperature: from -100°C to +110°C (+140 °C*)

  • Sliding speed without lubrication (v): max.200 m/min

  • Fatigue (S): at 20°C and 10^6 stress cycles 1 Hz = 52 MPa.

  • Dynamic friction coefficient without lubrication - 0,08

  • Fire behavior: oxygen index (LOI) 24%; flammability classification   (sample thickness 3.2 mm): (UL94) – HB


  • High reliability of sliding units, increased service life and efficiency of the mechanisms;

  • Reduction of financial costs for the maintenance and repair of the equipment due to the cost reduction of components and their services;

  • Decreased percentage of breakdown and equipment maintenance downtime


Product Icons-01.png

Rods (Ø 6÷220 mm)

Product Icons-02.png

Tubes (outer Ø 30÷380 mm)

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  • Sheets, thickness of 2.0; 2.5; 3.0; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0; 8.0 mm.

    • Dimensions: 1000x1000 mm; 1000x2000 mm.

  • Sheets, thickness of 1.5 mm.

    • Dimensions: 200x1000 mm, 200x2000 mm;

  • Sheets, thickness of 10; 12; 15; 20; 25; 30; 35; 40; 45; 50; 60; 70; 80; 90; 100; 114 mm; 

    • Dimensions: 1000x1000 mm; 1000x2000 mm; 1250x1000 mm; 1250x2000 mm;.


Supply of high diameter hubs is possible under the order.

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Manufacture of parts from blanks based on customer’s drawings.


ZX-100K is a very popular material. Thanks to its universal characteristics it is applied in almost all industries. Here you can find just some examples of its usage:

  • machinery: hubs, drive nuts, slideways in multi-lift units and hydraulic manipulator; rotary hubs for crane-manipulator units, runner skids for arm extension of telescopic lorry-mounted cranes, the lifting mechanism of the cages and many other sliding units

  • railway: the insets of motor-axial bearings, in suspension points

  • metallurgy – insets, hubs of various purposes, slideways, bearings

  • mining industry – inserts, hubs, washers, slideways, etc.

The kind of produced spare parts is wide and practically identical for many application fields, the difference is in the sizes of the details and the specifics of the operation in the determined conditions. Superseding details with a high ware rate from traditional materials by Zedex ZX 100k details of a new generation, you increase the service life of the equipment. The price for ZX 100k materials in our company is very profitable due to our own manufacture and a wide size spectrum of blanks that allows us to produce the details of necessary dimensions in the brief terms. The long service life of our materials and their excellent quality features give the essential economy of expenses and time.

Thus, for repairs and replacement of spare parts working in a friction couple, Zedex ZX-100k parts are the most efficient and economical to apply.

The advantages of ZX-100K over caprolon (polyamide, caprolactam)

  • Lower coefficient of friction and wear.

  • Resistance to size change: ZX-100K has a coefficient of moisture absorption up to 0.3% (to compare, caprolon has only up to 2%, while the mechanical characteristics are reduced in two times).

  • Frost resistance: ZX-100K operates at low temperatures up to -100°C. Polyamides are characterized by low frost resistance and high moisture absorption.

  • The stability of properties: It is technologically impossible to produce ZX-100Kwith the use of secondary raw materials. Casting of caprolon is possible with the use of secondary raw materials, which affects the quality characteristics of the material.

The production of engineering plastics ZX-100K by the method of extrusion ensures consistently high quality!

The advantages of ZX-100K over fluoropolymer

  • Resistance to size change: ZX-100K keeps its shape under load, does not flow cold.

  • Higher wear resistance.

By replacing the elements of bearing from bronze with ZX-100K, you will achieve significant advantages

  • Sliding characteristics of ZX-100K is much better than bronze ones. Low coefficient of friction and improved anti-friction characteristics allow to extend the service life up to 3 times and more.

  • ZX-100K runs without lubrication. A failure in the lubrication system does not lead to an emergency situation and "seizure", as in the case of using metal.

  • Noise reduction of sliding nodes, shockproof and resistant to vibration.
    Bronze bearings do not have cushioning characteristics, as a result, shocks and vibration break them down quickly. The details from ZX-100K due to their good damping ability are hardly affected by changes under such loads. They transmit weakened shocks and vibration to an articulated construction.

  • ZX-100K does not require burnishing thanks to its increased elasticity. Due to the increase of the contact area local specific pressure is greatly reduced that leads to raising perceived workload.

  • High positioning accuracy and smoothness of movement at low flows.

  • Work in polluted conditions: polymer ZX-100K is able to repel or absorb abrasive foreign particles and dirt. Elastic or plastic embedding of particles in the material allows not to disrupt the sliding surface and it does not cause abrasive wear.

  • Higher resistance to chemicals in comparison with bronze.

  • A wide range of sizes and the assortment of ZEDEX allow to approximate semi-finished products to the finished size and therefore to minimize the cost, expenses and time spent on unnecessary processing.

  • Easy and fast in processing in comparison with bronze, it is a corrosion resistant material.